Yuri flaunts her gorgeous looks through the Paparazzi-concept pictorials in ‘@Star1′ magazine revealed on June 18th.

Yuri’s photos for ‘@Star1′ were shot at Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, which is also the home to American designer, Tony Burch’s Flagship Store and also the Lifestyle Concept Store, 10 Corso Como.

During the pictorial shoot, Yuri also revealed her thoughts about her first acting experience. She said, “Since it was my first shot at acting, it was much harder than i thought. Honestly, due to the difficulties, I was able to enjoy it.”

She added, “If there’s a thing that has changed the most after I starred in ‘Fashion King’, it has to be the fact that now, aunties and uncles can recognize me more than before. In restaurants or streets, they seem to be able to recognize the Yuri inside ‘Fashion King’. It’s really amazing. Now, I know the power of dramas.”

In addition, Yuri also expressed her enthusiasm in acting by saying, “In the future, it would be great if I have the opportunities to act again. I would like to continue challenging myself in acting.”

Meanwhile, Yuri’s pictorials in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul will be available in the July issue of ‘@Star1′.

Credit: asiatoday.co.kr

On June 19th, AMOREPACIFIC revealed that they would be starting the “Share Your Umbrella” campaign for two months, starting on the 21st.

Yuri has been selected as one of the models for the campaign along with Shin Minah, Yoo Ah-in, Lee Miyeon, and Jo Insung. The campaign will also have a “Share Your Umbrella” event, where umbrellas carrying the stars’ autographs will be distributed as prizes.

This campaign is one where customers will receive “beauty points” with every purchase made in all AMOREPACIFIC stores. The customers can then exchange 9900 points for a “Share Your Umbrella” umbrella, with a portion of money made from sales being donated to a flood damage restoration organization.

The “Share Your Umbrella” campaign will continue until August 20th.

Source: Newspim
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: MoonSoshi9@soshified

North Korean football star nicknamed ‘The People’s Rooney’, Jung DaeSe appeared as a guest on SBS ‘Healing Camp’ aired on June 11th. On the show he revealed, “My goal is to play in the UEFA Champions League and score more than 10 goals next season. My dream is to win the World Cup”.

At the end of the show, ‘Healing Camp’ MCs prepared surprise gifts for Jung DaeSe. Jung DaeSe who will be getting married soon received a pair of mandarin ducks that symbolize everlasting marriage as well as a framed picture of Yuri with her handwritten support message on it.

The message reads, “DaeSe Oppa, I enjoy watching your great matches ~ young girl Yuri supports you. Fighting”.

Jung DaSae responded, “I like Yuri’s handwritten support message much more than the mandarin duck. I can’t stop smiling looking at it”.

Credit: newsen.com

Photos of Yuri reading the script of ‘Fashion King’ with a look of concentration, as though she has fallen in love with it, were revealed recently.

In the photos taken at the set of the location shooting in New York, Yuri who took up the acting challenge for the first time was seen holding the script with a serious expression on her face. She seemed to be fully immersed in it as she was studying and reading through the script.

Yuri said, “A singer channels all his/her energy to make an impact for a short period of time but for acting, since one has to take a long breath and live as the character being played to produce an impact, I think it’s more difficult.” She added, “I’m having so much fun taking up this new and recent challenge.”

‘Fashion King’ is SBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama and it will begin airing on March 19th.

Credit: tvdaily.mk.co.kr

In conjunction with Valentine’s Day, Yuri gave chocolates as gifts to the production staff of ‘Fashion King’.

Yuri, who arrived in New York for on-location shooting on February 13th for SBS drama ‘Fashion King’ which is expected to be aired in March this year, gave some chocolates with a card containing the support message, “For our family members who have always been working hard, have something sweet and fighting” to the production staff as a Valentine’s Day gift.

It was said that Yuri went around markets and departmental stores in New York for more than 4 hours to shop for the gifts and she said, “For the sake of filming, the production staff are spending the Valentine’s Day away from their families and loved ones. I’ve prepared this gift for them with the hope that it would give them some joy.”

The staff who received the unexpected gifts said, “The Valentine’s Day in 2012 is an unforgettable one.”

‘Fashion King’ depicts the story of a group of aspiring fashion designers who worked their way out of Dongdaemun Market to be world-class designers. The new SBS drama is expected to be aired starting March 12th, 2012 at 9.55pm KST.

Credit: ohmynews.com/wstarnews.com

Ahead of their drama debut, Yuri and Jessica are in the midst of learning and working hard to sharpen their acting skills. Recently, they have been putting their focus on receiving guidance and acting tips from a veteran acting instructor.

A representative from SM Entertainment said, “From the acting instructor, Yuri and Jessica have been receiving lessons on character analysis, vocalization, breathing, etc which is a prerequisite for a newcomer. After mastering the basics of acting, Yuri and Jessica are working very hard to meet the fans’ expectations”.

With Girls’ Generation’s promotional activities for their 3rd album ended at the end of December 2011, the members will be concentrating on their individual activities during the first half of 2012. During this period, Yuri and Jessica will be focusing on their acting stints.

Yuri will be taking the role of Anna in SBS drama ‘Fashion King’ which is expected to go on air starting March. Her fellow member, Jessica will be featured as Kang JongHee, who is Lee DongWook’s ex-lover in KBS 2TV’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Violent Romance’ which will be aired starting January 4th.

Those in the drama production team also showed their high expectation for both Yuri and Jessica. According to a representative from an outsourced production company of ‘Fashion King’, Lee KwanHee Production, during the first script reading practice, Yuri received praises for expressing her emotions well and in terms of her acting, there is nothing to worry about.

Credit: donga.com

On December 24th, the first meeting between the stars and staff of “Fashion King” took place at the SBS Ilsan Production Center for the script reading of the drama.

Yuri, who will be playing the role of Anna, arrived at the SBS Ilsan Production Center as soon as she returned from Japan. On this day she joined Yoo Ah-in, who will be playing the role of Young Geol, Shin Sekyung, playing Ga Young, and Lee Jaehoon, who will be playing Jae Hyuk. Twenty other actors were also present.

Lee Myungwoo PD was also at the reading along with writers Lee Sunmi and Kim Kiho, who worked together on the drama “What Happened in Bali”, as well as Choi Moonsuk CP.

The other twenty actors conducted the reading as if they were actually acting the scene, showing their enthusiasm for “Fashion King”. Like the unique drama title, the script cover itself captured people’s attention.

“Fashion King” will be about youth running towards tomorrow and the world, experiencing challenges and success, love and desire. However, it will tell the life of humanity, of learning the obsession of love and endless desires.

Source: Sports Donga
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: MoonSoshi9@soshified

On the upcoming November 21st episode of ‘Star Life Theatre’ on KBS2, Seohyun, Yuri and Sooyoung will be revealing their college lives, close friendships with their friends, as well as their strong will towards their studies.

Seohyun has always been known as a girl with great perseverance with aims to finish tasks with a curtained mind. During a conversation with the professor at the Theatre Department, it was revealed that Seohyun previously said, “Even if I get an F and is placed under academic probation, I will still work hard and attend school”, showing her strong will in pursuing her studies.

In school, Seohyun is just like any ordinary girl in her 20s, where she eats with her friends in the school canteen while chitchatting away, happy and laughing at your average daily conversations. She has been enjoying her school life as a college student and not as a member of Girls’ Generation.

On the other hand, Sooyoung and Yuri are both in the same course and they were seen in school amidst their tight schedules.

To show us their lives as college students, Sooyoung and Yuri went to the school canteen – a popular place among students. Besides behaving like ordinary students, such as pasting post-its onto their memo pad, Sooyoung and Yuri’s insistence for school work were seen even in broadcast waiting room or in the car, as they wrote reports during free time.

Taking time from their busy schedule for school, Sooyoung and Yuri are used to skipping meals. When they intended to fill their stomach and stepped into a convenient shop in the school, large number of students gathered around to watch them so they chose food in hurry and quickly left the place.

‘Star Life Theatre’ will be aired on November 22nd at 7.45pm on KBS2.

Credit: tvdaily.co.kr
Translated by: imwhywhy@fanwonder.com

Named as having the best athletic body in SNSD, member Sooyoung recently revealed that she was actually jealous of Yuri‘s body.

On the upcoming episode of SBS‘s ‘Victory‘, the girls each evaluated their bodies and exposed their individual securities.

Sooyoung confessed, “I’m so thin that it’s worrisome. I’m jealous of Yuri’s healthy body.” Knowing that all girls are highly sensitive about their body image, panelist Sean Lee smoothly stated, ”Sooyoung’s body looks natural, while Yuri’s body looks like she put a lot of work and effort into making it.

Later, Seohyun named the member who best embodied her ideal body type after much hesitation. “Even though Sunny‘s height is short, her ratio is good,” she said.

You can learn more about the girls’ evaluations on their bodies and the secrets to their healthy lifestyle when the show airs on November 20th.

Source: Newsen via NateDongA Daily

On November 15th, part 2 of ‘Strong Heart’s Talk Selection Contest’ was aired. Girls’ Generation’s Yoona, Tiffany, Taeyeon and Yuri appeared as guests and they showed off their talking skills once again.

As the topic shifted to blood types, Yoona talked about her losing temper at a stalker outside their dorm, revealing her hot temper as a B-type person.

After touching on the previously discussed ‘Jessica’s stalker incident’, Yoona continued, “I’ve also met the man who peeped around in front of our dorm. As I saw him going up through the staircase while I took the lift, I lost my temper immediately, shut the door of our dorm and kept staring at the direction of the staircase.”

Finally, Yoona witnessed the man peeking silently and shouted at him before signaling for the man to go to her. Yoona continued explaining, “Because I suddenly lost my temper, I asked the man if he lived here, then told him that he should not be doing that (trespassing).”

Yoona then said, “However, after knowing more, he turned out to be a very nice fan of us so I wasn’t angry anymore.”

Besides that, Yoona also told the story of her becoming ‘Torn Yoona’.

Yoona said, “We had special stages during the Japan SMTown concert a few months ago. There was a dance step where I was required to collapse onto the floor with hands stretched and stand up again. The moment I sat down, there was a weird sound. Although I felt something weird, I could not check anything. So I started dancing cautiously.”

Yoona continued, “I was afraid that photos were taken, so I went to search for them. Fortunately, no photo caught the moment. I’m worried that as I said this, people who have the photos will upload it. I sincerely hope that people will not do it.”

Funnily, after hearing Yoona’s story, Yuri confessed that she also danced cautiously as she thought the same would happen to hers, making the studio burst into laughter.

Taeyeon also confessed, “I once had my stage costume torn at the side and the clothes stuck to the body as I perspired a lot. As I covered the area with my hand and continued singing, I couldn’t bear with it and said ‘Help me!’ into the mic.”

Credit: hankyung.com + news.mt.co.kr
Translated by: imwhywhy@fanwonder.com

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