On KBS 2TV’s ‘Entertainment Weekly’ aired on June 9th, an interview with Shin SeKyung was featured. When asked about her favorite song, Shin SeKyung revealed that she likes Girls’ Generation’s songs. The ‘Fashion King’ actress also added that she is proud of her friendship with Girls’ Generation members.

According to her, Sooyoung is the first Girls’ Generation member she got close to as they are both from the same batch in university. Recently, while filming SBS drama ‘Fashion King’, she has also become closer to Yuri.

When the reporter asked if she gets to meet Girls’ Generation often, Shin SeKyung replied, “Since Girls’ Generation is a very famous group internationally, it’s hard to meet up with them and therefore, I feel sad”.

Translated by: Taengfan@fanwonder.com

Girls’ Generation’s 1st Japanese album ‘Girls’ Generation’ which was released in June last year has been ‘Million’-certified by Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ).

RIAJ categorizes singles and albums into different levels of certification – ‘Gold (100,000 copies)’, ‘Platinum (250,000 copies)’, ‘Double Platinum (500,000 copies)’ and ‘Million (1,000,000 copies)’ based on the number of copies shipped.

Girls’ Generation is the second Korean artist to have achieved the ‘Million’ certification by RIAJ after BoA. It has been 7 years and 3 months since BoA’s first compilation album ‘Best of Soul’ in 2005 was awarded with the ‘Million’ certification.

With the release of their 4th Japanese Single ‘Paparazzi’ on June 27th, the girls are expected to kick off their promotional activities in Japan again soon.

Credit: newsa.co.kr/Wikipedia/Bestiz.net

Hangul Smart Domain Organization is organizing a popularity poll involving 10 girl groups, which includes Girls’ Generation, Kara, Wonder Girls, etc.

So far, the poll taking place from May 3rd to May 11th is receiving participation from over 10,000 fans within just 5 days. As of 12am KST on May 8th, the overall figure has hit 12,528 votes. Out of the total votes received to date, Girls’ Generation is in the lead with 46%, followed by Kara in 2nd place with 29%. Wonder Girls came in 3rd with 12%, followed by 4minute, Secret, T-ara, Sistar, 2NE1, After School, miss A, etc.

Through over 1,600 comments, fans continue to show their unwavering support for their favorite girl groups to be the first to receive the Hangul smart domain for their websites. Instead of firing slander comments on one another, most of the comments posted were support messages for their beloved girl groups, showing great maturity among these fandoms.

The public can vote for their favorite girl groups once per day using one IP address at this websitehttp://www.cocif.org/event/event.html.

Through this popularity poll, the top 3 girl groups and their fanclubs will be the among the first in the world to receive the Hangul smart domain in the format ‘http://girlgroupnameinhangul.홈(link to girl group’s official website)’ and ‘http://girlgroupnameinhangul.팬(link to girl group’s fan club website)’.

Credit: etnews.com

Update 1: Girls’ Generation to receive Hangul smart domain by topping popularity poll with a comfortable margin 
Girls’ Generation topped Hangul Smart Domain’s popularity poll which was held from May 3rd to May 11th. Kara took the 2nd spot while Wonder Girls came in 3rd.

Being in the top 3 of the poll, Girls’ Generation, along with Kara and Wonder Girls will be the first batch of girl groups to receive Hangul smart address for their websites. In addition to that, the respective fanclubs of the 3 girl groups will be getting their hangul domains as well.

The popularity poll was opened to both Korean and International fans. At midnight of May 11th which was the deadline of the poll, a total of 23,274 votes were cast. Out of that figure, Girls’ Generation secured the no.1 spot with 48.22%, followed by Kara with 30.17% and Wonder Girls with 11.09%. These 3 girl groups made up 89% of the total votes.

Credit: asiatoday.co.kr

March 23rd, 2012 was a very memorable day for Malaysian SONEs as Girls’ Generation performed for the first time on Malaysian soil. After almost 5 years of waiting, the girls had finally landed and performed in Malaysia. On this historical day, fanwonder.com news and media teams were there to witness the Soshi effect in Malaysia.

In conjunction with the Malaysian F1 Grand Prix weekend, a free-to-public concert ‘TWIN TOWERS @LIVE 2012′ was held at  the  outdoors near the iconic Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur and was reportedly attended by over 68,000 people! The first of the two-day concert was also graced by the ex-lead singer of The Pussycat Dolls Nicole Scherzinger and local artistes.
Fans were at the venue as early as the night before and crowds had already formed at the foot of the iconic buildings by the morning of the event. Prior to Girls’ Generation’s performance during the night, the audience were also entertained by the local DJs and huge responses were given when Kpop songs were played. MC of the night, Jojo Struys, were also amazed by the audience participation.

Girls’ Generation arrived in the city at about 5pm on the day itself and left about 6 hours later, immediately after the concert.

In the half-hour performance set, the eight girls, minus Yuri who could not make it due to conflicting filming schedules of ‘Fashion King’, stunned with their all-white outfits and sang six of their hit songs – ‘The Boys (Korean version)’, ‘Genie’, ‘Hoot’, ‘Run Devil Run’, ‘Mr. Taxi’ and ‘Gee’.

Despite performing in the hot weather with perspiration oozing out from their pores, the girls pulled off brilliant performances as usual. Since the girls arrived on the day itself, they did not get the chance to rehearse but their excellent professional display proved that they were ever ready to rock the stage at any place, anytime.

Although Yuri could not make it to the event this time, the girls made their promise to come back to Malaysia with all nine members in the future, much to the joy of all the fans.
Credit: yegrina@fanwonder

Popular Korean girl group, Girls’ Generation, released a short teaser [Editor's note: The video has been set to private.] for their new song “Time Machine” on March 12th through their official Japanese Facebook page.

This is the same Girls’ Generation with nine members that dances in synchronization, but is now trying out a ballad song that does not contain a dance scene. The concept is “Listen to Girls’ Generation” and each of the nine members have their own separate story or situation where they portray girls that are reminiscing about a love they cannot forget.

Filming took place in Tokyo from February 28th to 29th for a total of about forty hours. A few examples of the impressive scenes filmed include Yoona walking down Omotesandou in a wedding dress during the heavy snowfall on the 29th in the middle of the -1 degree weather, Tiffany strolling across Yoyogi park and Sunny getting drenched by the rain. In comparison to the other music videos that feature Girls’ Generation’s dancing as the main point, viewers will be able to enjoy the close ups and facial expressions of all the members for this production. There are also several scenes where the nine members will be crying.
Source: http://mdpr.jp
Translated by: SeraphKY@soshifed
Edited by: letaengbutt@soshified 
Taeyeon who celebrated her 23rd birthday on March 9th thanked SONEs for their birthday greetings and revealed her current conditions.

In the early morning of March 10th, through Girls’ Generation’s official site, Taeyeon left a message entitled, ‘Wassup SONE!’.

Taeyeon stated, “Hello Hello! How is everyone doing? This is Taeyeon! Every year when my birthday arrives, I think I’ve only been receiving (love) from all of you and I don’t know what to do with myself..therefore, I feel kind of embarrassed. Today. No, it’s yesterday. I had a really happy day”.

Taeyeon then revealed the condition of her injured toe nail, “Because of the injury to my toe nail, everyone has been very worried, right? Honestly, it would take some time before it heals completely. However, it’s a lot better now. So, worry no no no (don’t worry)! On Music Core, please anticipate my dazzling upper body gestures”.

Credit: star.moneytoday.co.kr

The recent photos from the shooting session of new KBS Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Love Rain’ in Hokkaido, Japan have indeed garnered a lot of attention and interest from fans.

From a photo taken by a netizen at a shooting set in Hokkaido, YoonA and Jang GeunSuk can be seen standing beside a building with Girls’ Generation’s poster pasted on it. Since the photo was published, there has been a huge interest and anticipation of Girls’ Generation’s ‘appearance’ (the poster) on ‘Love Rain’. From the angle it was captured, it was as if the girls were watching YoonA and Jang GeunSuk’s acting. The fact that Girls’ Generation’s poster was captured so randomly at the shooting set further indicates the girls’ huge popularity in Japan.

Meanwhile, as soon as the teaser video of ‘Love Rain’ was released online, it receives explosive response and has recorded about 30,000 views since. ‘Love Rain’ will be aired starting March 26th after ‘Dream High 2′.

Credit: newsen.com/tvdaily.co.kr/SoneSoshi9@YouTube 
On February 29th, J.Estina has announced that a fan signing event with Girls’ Generation will be held on March 11th at the AK Departmental Store in Suwon.

Customers who have made purchases of more than 100,000 won from February 23rd to March 5th stand a chance to attend the fan signing event. The announcement of the lucky winners will be made online on March 9th.

After appointing Girls’ Generation as their advertisement models, J.Estina had since named its products after the girls – ‘Jessica’s earrings’, ‘YoonA’s Angelica Bag’, ‘Tiffany’s earrings’, etc and the brand enjoyed a consistent upward trend in sales. The pre-ordering process of J.Estina’s upcoming products is currently in progress.

Credit: edaily.co.kr

Photos of Yuri reading the script of ‘Fashion King’ with a look of concentration, as though she has fallen in love with it, were revealed recently.

In the photos taken at the set of the location shooting in New York, Yuri who took up the acting challenge for the first time was seen holding the script with a serious expression on her face. She seemed to be fully immersed in it as she was studying and reading through the script.

Yuri said, “A singer channels all his/her energy to make an impact for a short period of time but for acting, since one has to take a long breath and live as the character being played to produce an impact, I think it’s more difficult.” She added, “I’m having so much fun taking up this new and recent challenge.”

‘Fashion King’ is SBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama and it will begin airing on March 19th.

Credit: tvdaily.mk.co.kr

Seohyun revealed a behind story about Girls’ Generation’s appearance on a French talk show.

During the recent recording of SBS ‘Strong Heart’, Seohyun said, “Girls’ Generation was the first Korean artist to have appeared on France’s popular program ‘Le Grand Journal’. Beyonce, Usher, Rihanna, Justin Bieber and other Hollywood stars had also attended this program in the past and it was a great honor to have gone on the program.”

She added, “The thought of being in France as the representative of Korea was not the only joy as we were surprised and amazed to hear the audience cheering and chanting in Korean.”

Girls’ Generation made their appearance on Canal+’s ‘Le Grand Journal’, which is the no.1 talk show in France on February 9th.

Besides Seohyun, this episode of ‘Strong Heart K-pop Star’ which will be aired on February 28th also features Se7en, Park EunHye, Park KyungRim, miss A’s Min and Suzy, Kim HakChul, K.Will, Lee HyunI, etc.

Credit: news.sbs.co.kr

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