March 23rd, 2012 was a very memorable day for Malaysian SONEs as Girls’ Generation performed for the first time on Malaysian soil. After almost 5 years of waiting, the girls had finally landed and performed in Malaysia. On this historical day, news and media teams were there to witness the Soshi effect in Malaysia.

In conjunction with the Malaysian F1 Grand Prix weekend, a free-to-public concert ‘TWIN TOWERS @LIVE 2012′ was held at  the  outdoors near the iconic Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur and was reportedly attended by over 68,000 people! The first of the two-day concert was also graced by the ex-lead singer of The Pussycat Dolls Nicole Scherzinger and local artistes.
Fans were at the venue as early as the night before and crowds had already formed at the foot of the iconic buildings by the morning of the event. Prior to Girls’ Generation’s performance during the night, the audience were also entertained by the local DJs and huge responses were given when Kpop songs were played. MC of the night, Jojo Struys, were also amazed by the audience participation.

Girls’ Generation arrived in the city at about 5pm on the day itself and left about 6 hours later, immediately after the concert.

In the half-hour performance set, the eight girls, minus Yuri who could not make it due to conflicting filming schedules of ‘Fashion King’, stunned with their all-white outfits and sang six of their hit songs – ‘The Boys (Korean version)’, ‘Genie’, ‘Hoot’, ‘Run Devil Run’, ‘Mr. Taxi’ and ‘Gee’.

Despite performing in the hot weather with perspiration oozing out from their pores, the girls pulled off brilliant performances as usual. Since the girls arrived on the day itself, they did not get the chance to rehearse but their excellent professional display proved that they were ever ready to rock the stage at any place, anytime.

Although Yuri could not make it to the event this time, the girls made their promise to come back to Malaysia with all nine members in the future, much to the joy of all the fans.
Credit: yegrina@fanwonder

After winning the ‘Artist of the Year Award’ at the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), Girls’ Generation had a press conference at Cassia Junior Ballroom on the 3rd floor of the Sands Expo and Convention Center.

During the interview, Taeyeon said, “Currently, our Asian tour is in progress. There will be a lot of concerts and performances next year too. We have been really busy preparing for our unique concept during the end of this year to show you our new appearances”.

Taeyeon added, “If there is an opportunity coming our way, we would like to have a world tour after completing the Asian tour. We would like to meet more people”.

About the 2011 MAMA, Sooyoung commented, “As it was already an honor to attend the award ceremony itself, we are really happy to win one of the 3 biggest awards, the ‘Artist of the Year Award’”.


In conjunction with the 50th anniversary of Korea Republic-Australia’s diplomatic relation, The ’2011 K-POP Music Festival in Sydney’ was successfully held at AZN Stadium on November 12th. The concert kicked off at 7pm (local time).

In front of more than 20,000 fans who came flocking to the venue, popular Kpop stars such as Girls’ Generation, TVXQ, Kara, SHINee, 2AM, CN Blue, Beast, 4minute, Sistar, Secret, Mblaq and miss A took the stage with their brilliant and amazing performances.

There were also special performances by 4minute and miss A who performed Australia’s world-known popstar, Kylie Minogue’s ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’. CN Blue, Beast’s Yoseob and Mblaq’s G.O then thrilled the Australian Kpop fans with a special joint-performance.

2AM’s Jo Kwon and Changmin, 4minute’s GaYoon and Sistar’s Hyorin captivated the audience with their impressive vocals. The atmosphere was heated up further when Girls’ Generation and SHINee took the stage and rocked the stadium with their special dance performance.

6 hours before the start of the concert, local fans were seen singing and dancing in front of the AZN Stadium. A fan of Girls’ Generation, Susan (17 years old) said, “I became a fan of Girls’ Generation since 2 years ago and to be able to watch them performing live here in Sydney is just like a dream. I think I can never forget what I experienced and saw today”.

During the press conference which was held before the concert, Yuri said, “The fact that the 50th anniversary of Korea Republic-Australia’s diplomatic relation concert is to be held at the same venue which hosted the 2000 Sydney Olympic made this event even more meaningful. We wish that through this concert, there will be even more exchanges between Korea Republic and Australia”.

Meanwhile, the very first concert in Down Under, ’2011 K-POP Music Fest in Sydney’ will be aired through MBC on December 3rd.


On November 22nd, Girls’ Generation will be participating in a special concert, the ’2011 Valkyrie Concert’, to be held at the sports hall of Korea University at 7pm in support of examination candidates of Etoos, a professional education organization and to pray for academic successes.

This time around, Girls’ Generation will be performing with other singers such as DJ DOC, TeenTop and Simon D, to help relieve the stress for examination candidates and to help them recover from fatigue.

The 1000 tickets for the ’2011 Valkyrie Concert’ will be distributed to the candidates on a first-come-first-serve basis at Etoos, based on exam grades. Besides this, they can also participate in an ‘Valkyrie Concert Invitation Event’ online through the Etoos homepage.

The representative of Etoos explained, “It’s an event for examination candidates who have been working hard for a year. It is prepared by gathering ideas from Etoos’ star lecturers with Etoos’ support.”

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19 October 2011, Singapore – Fans of Korean girl group Girls Generation or “Sones” can get tickets for the 2011 Girls’ Generation Tour in Singapore.  Tickets are priced at S$218 for Terrace/Moshpit and S$168 for the Balcony/Partially restricted area.  Despite having the most expensive production of S$1.8 million among all K-Pop concerts held in Singapore, a limited 5,500 tickets will be available for sale at an affordable price.  The best space in the concert is the standing mosh pit area which can hold 2,000 fans.

Tickets go on sale from 1 November 2011, Tuesday via SISTIC online, counter and phone bookings.

The concert is presented by Samsung, with the official drink F&N and official card OCBC Cards.    Samsung and OCBC Customers get an exclusive 3-day priority booking from 29 October 2011, Saturday 10am.  All purchases are limited to 6 tickets per transaction to prevent any reselling of tickets.

Samsung Mobile/Tablet customers have to flash their devices at any SISTIC counter to purchase the tickets during the priority booking period.  The 1st 250 tickets purchased by Samsung Customers will enjoy 5% off ticket price and the first 250 tickets purchased by OCBC cardmembers will enjoy the same discount.

The 3-hour concert will be held on 9 December 2011, Friday at 8pm at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.  You can expect visual play of effects including laser beams, LED screens, trapezes and elevated platforms.

The nine-member girl group will perform across two stages and strut along the three passageways, where audience can expect the girls to tease and amuse from every angle.

Credits: RITS (Running Into The Sun)

Update 1

Concert Details:

9th December, Friday, 8pmSingapore Indoor Stadium



Ticketing Details:


Priority Booking Period

  • There will be a 3-day priority booking period commencing on 29th October Saturday, exclusive to Samsung and/or OCBC customers.  
  • Sales will start at 10am across all channels.
  • Samsung mobile/ tablet customers need to flash their devices at any SISTIC counters to purchase tickets;
  • OCBC credit& debit card members can purchase tickets via online, phone booking or over any SISTIC counters by using their respective cards.
  • There is a limit of 6 tickets per transaction, regardless of which platform you purchase the ticket(s) from.

The discounts offered during the priority booking period are as follow:

  • 1st 250 tickets purchased by Samsung mobile/ tablet customers at any SISTIC counters are entitled to a 5% discount.
  • 1st 250 tickets purchased by OCBC card members via online, phone booking or over any SISTIC counters by using their respective cards are entitled to a 5% discount.
  • There is a limit of 6 tickets per transaction, regardless of which platform you purchase the ticket(s) from.

Public Sales

  • Public sales will commence on 1st November, Tuesday.
  • Tickets can be bought online via the SISTIC website ( from 12 midnight;
  • Tickets can be bought over any SISTIC counters or via phone booking from 10am.
  • There is a limit of 6 tickets per transaction, regardless of which platform you purchase the ticket(s) from.

General FAQ


1. Will there be a ticket launch event?

No, there will not be a ticket launch event. Priority booking starts on 29th October and public sales start 1st November.


2. Can I choose my seat(s)?

Unfortunately, you cannot choose your seats. You can only choose your preferred block or mosh pit pen. There will be seat numbers printed on your ticket (it is not free seating). When you purchase tickets, SISTIC’s system will choose the best available seating at the point of transaction. Only mosh pit (standing) tickets are free standing within the individual pens (Pen A, Pen B or Pen C). 


3. Is there any discount?

The following discount schemes are available during the priority booking period

  • 1st 250 tickets purchased by Samsung mobile/ tablet customers at any SISTIC counters are entitled to a 5% discount;
  • 1st 250 tickets purchased by OCBC card members via online, phone booking or over any SISTIC counters by using their respective cards are entitled to a 5% discount. 


4. How many tickets can I purchase?

Each person is entitled to a maximum of 6 tickets only per transaction.


5. Is there anyway possible that I am allowed to access the backstage to see my favourite girls?

Backstage access is not allowed at all times.


6. Will there be a fan meet, or any event where I can meet the girls up close?

Sorry, there will not be any of such events during their visit to Singapore this time round.


7. What are the modes of payment?

For online and hotline booking, only credit cards and debit cards. The debit card must be able to do online transactions. If you are not sure if your debit card can be used for online transactions, you'll have to check with your bank. 


8. How can overseas fans purchase the tickets?

Overseas fans can purchase the tickets online through the SISTIC website ( from 12 midnight (GMT +8:00) on 1st November. Alternatively, regional fans can purchase tickets at overseas ticketing partners- go to and click on 'Agents' for a list of outlets in Malaysia and Indonesia.


9. Are there any limits to what kind of tickets I can purchase?

No, you can purchase tickets from any category.  


10. I bought the Terrace tickets and it says row 15, am I seated all the way at the back?

Nope! The first rows of the Terrace block ranges from 11-13. 


11. Will I be able to see the girls clearly if I purchase the Partial Restricted View tickets?

The girls will constantly be running and flying around, we’ll definitely be able to see them. 


12. Will the mosh pit tickets be numbered like how it was for the Seoul and Taipei concert?

Unfortunately, SISTIC is unable to print serial numbers on the tickets for this purpose. We’re sorry that we are unable to adopt that system.

(Any official pictures for 2nd tour?)

Super Dome staff: Of course there will be photo sharing, we’ve already sent SM the photos, after some verification, we can post it for everyone!

(Do you remember what happened to YoonA when they reached the airport?)

Super Dome staff: I do remember, of course. When YoonA came out from the airplane, staffs realised that she wasn’t feeling well. After confirming with the Korean staffs, she was having a little flu then and her body was aching. She had injections on that day.

On the second day I asked the Korean staffs if she needed to go to the hospital, the staffs told me that she has fully recovered and we don’t have to worry!

Staff’s account:

Sone’s greatness… is growing continuously….

From the 1st tour to the 2nd, it’s not difficult to realise SNSD and SONE’s changes,

Seeing that the girls are becoming more mature, confident and enjoying their own stage performances, how about SONEs?

Just within 11 months, they were twice as fast when entering the stadium (it was surprising)!

I also discovered that female fans population grew after the 1st tour and there were also a lot of couples, spouses who came together!

SONEs at the first tour were enthusiastic and lively, yet SONEs at the second tour were better at organisation and unity. Besides just being enthusiastic, they became greater.

I was really touched at the scenes, feeling that 30,000 people are supporting them and being together with them, I enjoyed the performance too!

Some reporters who saw the performances of the SONEs and asked me, “How did they improve so much from last year? Exactly how much time did they spend preparing for the events?”

I replied him in pride, “Less than a week! Together with the generation of ideas and organisation, they took 2 months!”

Upon hearing my reply, the reporter was stunned and he made a conclusion, “You should take out some money and set up a company for them, there’s nothing they can’t do!”


I was happy and at the same time so proud that it seemed like my children getting 1st in their classes…!

I really have to thank the ‘Event committee’ who were involved in the planning and running of the events successfully this time.

I remember the 3 days we collaborated; we formed words, shouted fan chants, sang together and threw the pink ribbons together.

I remember the moment before the pink ribbon event, I saw an 80-year-old grandma at the yellow 2C area, who stood up, prepared, and throw the ribbons together with us..!

At that moment, I was 101% touched, to think that they could make an 80-year-old lady go “Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby baby baby”, they could make her return to her ‘Sonyeo’ times with SNSD – How amazing was their power?

Another point worth praising was the cleanliness of the stages.

Nearly no one threw towels or presents towards the stage, so I hope that we can achieve an absolute clean stage during the third tour!

However, I think that there is room for improvement during the third tour.

“Pink Ocean, is that really so difficult?”

This time, there were still a lot of purple, bluish light sticks in the pink ocean and some even brought lightboards, another with a super long light stick and others with horns of blue and pink lights.

Also, some forgot to turn off their lights after the word formation event…!

The Pink Ocean represents fans’ determination, also a form of respect for the girls.

What I don’t understand is that, since you can do it so well for ticketing and event practices, you should be able to ensure that your light stick is pink!

Lastly, I have to say thanks to all the fan clubs, because of your hard work, blood, sweat and tears, SONEs can have such a beautiful memory.

Even SNSD were so touched that they said, “This is the greatest treasure we got these years!”

Making them say this, I believe that our hard work and sacrifice of our sleeping hours were paid off,

Thank you very much!

I look forward to greater SONEs and Pink Ocean during the 3rd tour!

Super Dome staff 2011.09.20

Credit: Super Dome
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UPDATE 1: Ticketing details announced!

More details about the ’2011 Girls’ Generation Tour’ in Taipei was announced yesterday.

The two concerts are scheduled to be held at the Taipei Arena at 7pm on September 10th and 3pm on September 11th local time.

The tickets for both concerts, priced at NT$4,500, NT$3,800, NT$2,800, NT$1,800 and NT$800, will go on sale at 12pm on August 13th at 7-ELEVEN ibon kiosks in Taiwan.

Super Dome members verified through emails and calls/smses before August 5th are qualified to preorder the tickets. Please check their website for more updates and details on this.

However, each member is limited to four tickets.

This is their 'Mr Taxi' (Korean Version)  performance in the Girls' Generation Tour Concert 2011, the video features them singing 'Mr Taxi' the Japan Version, they are performing in their white clothes and they looked beautiful and sound great! This video was posted on Youtube by SMTOWN's youtube channel. They were stunning in their performance! If you notice, Sunny has a brand new hairstyle.
Credits: SMTOWN YouTube
Written By: SoshiWeebly
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Dubbed as “THE biggest event in Australian Asian Pop history”, the 2011 K-Pop Music Fest in Sydney which is scheduled for the 12th of November is set to bring in 10 of the top Idol groups from South Korea. Groups such as KARA, Secret, 2AM, SHINee, Miss A, 4Minute, TVXQ, CNBlue, B2ST and Girls’ Generation are slated to perform at the first ever all-star K-Pop concert which will be held at the Sydney ANZ Stadium. 

JK Entertainment has organised this event in view of the 50th anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Ties Between Korea and Australia. The company has confirmed with SBS PopAsia that these groups will be brought into Sydney for the concert. Also, the K-Pop Music Fest will be broadcasted by Korean TV Channel, MBC. Although the concert has been confirmed, the exact date as to when tickets go on sale is yet to be announced. 

Further updates will be provided via JK Entertainment's official website which can be found here, and don't forget to check the website for more details with regards to the tickets!

Source: SBS Popasia JK Ent.
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