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Girls’ Generation captivated the Japanese audience with their dazzling beauty and ever-impressive dance moves on Nippon TV’s ‘Music Lovers’ aired on October 7th, where they performed the Japanese version of ‘Oh!’, ‘All My Love Is For You’ and ‘Mr. Taxi’.

The broadcast attracted a lot of attention, especially with the appearance of Imada Koji, a comedian who claimed to be the girls’ hardcore fan. Watching Girls’ Generation’s performances together with the audience, Imada Koji made gestures of having heart attacks several times and fell to the floor, drawing laughter from everyone in the studio. Imada Koji, an actor cum comedian, once appeared in Girls’ Generation’s ‘Time Machine’ music video. The ballad was one of the songs included in the 1st Japanese Album (repackaged) ‘Girls’ Generation~The Boys~’.

After their performances, Imada Koji met up with the girls on stage and said, “I came here, leaving my 27 years of experience in the entertainment world at home”, showing a warm welcome to the girls not as a colleague in the industry but as a fan. The girls responded by saying, “Thanks to Mr. Imada, we were able to deliver more powerful performances.”

Besides that, during a corner of the show where the girls were asked to show their charms, Imada Koji once again fell to the floor due to Sunny’s irresistible aegyo, showing his true side as a fan and at the same time, keeping the audience entertained with his sense of humor.

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<![CDATA[ Girls’ Generation to reveal their ‘Flower Power’!]]>Tue, 09 Oct 2012 05:24:20 GMThttp://soshified.weebly.com/news/girls-generation-to-reveal-their-flower-power
It’s time to ‘power-up’ your wallets again! After just a month and a half of the 5th Japanese Single, ‘Oh!’, the girls are back with the 6th single and subsequently, the 2nd Japanese album two weeks later. The 6th single, entitled ‘Flower Power‘ is set for release on November 14th while the 2nd album, of which the title has yet to be revealed is scheduled to be released on November 28th.

‘Flower Power’ is a dance song that features captivating music as well as sexy chorus. The lyrics described the tricks played by a man and a woman who met on a dance floor, as well as the lights, sounds and the dazzling atmosphere which will be expressed through the song.

The photo shown above is a representation of the girls escaping from the search light.  More details about the 6th single as well as the 2nd Japanese album to follow. So, stay tuned!

Credit: universal-music.co.jp

UPDATE 1: Album details for 6th Japanese Single ‘Flower Power’ and 2nd Japanese Album

6th Japanese Single ‘Flower Power’ (Limited Release)

Price: 1575 Yen (including tax)
Release date: November 14th, 2012


1. Flower Power
2. Beep Beep

*Digipak tall case
*20-page photo booklet
*External Bonus: Poster (rolled)


2nd Japanese Album (Title yet to be revealed) – Limited Edition Type A

Price: 7490 Yen (including tax)
Release date: November 28th, 2012


CD – Total of 12 songs including ‘Paparazzi’, ‘Oh!’, ‘Flower Power’, etc.
DVD – 7 music videos – ‘Paparazzi’, ‘Oh!,’, ‘All My Love Is For You’, ‘Flower Power’, ‘Paparazzi’ Gold version, ‘Oh!’ Dance version’, and ‘Flower Power’ Dance version.

*Deluxe make-up box packaging
*Travel notebook with original stickers
*9 posters of individual members (folded)
*40-page photo booklet containing photos of individual members


2nd Japanese Album (Title yet to be revealed) – Limited Edition Type B

Price: 3990 Yen (including tax)
Release date: November 28th, 2012


CD – Total of 12 songs including ‘Paparazzi’, ‘Oh!’, ‘Flower Power’, etc.
DVD – 4 music videos – ‘Paparazzi’, ‘Oh!,’, ‘All My Love Is For You’ and ‘Flower Power’

*Digipak tall case
*32-page photo booklet


2nd Japanese Album (Title yet to be revealed) – Regular Edition

Price: 3059 Yen (including tax)
Release date: November 28th, 2012


CD – Total of 12 songs including ‘Paparazzi’, ‘Oh!’, ‘Flower Power’, etc.


Credit: cdjapan.co.jp/Yurui.kr

<![CDATA[The One sings praises of ex-student Taeyeon!]]>Tue, 09 Oct 2012 05:23:02 GMThttp://soshified.weebly.com/news/the-one-sings-praises-of-ex-student-taeyeon
Singer, The One, revealed his first impression of Taeyeon.

On YTN’s ‘News 12 – Issue and People’ aired on October 4th, The One, who was once a vocal trainer, talked about one of his students, Taeyeon.

During the programme, The One said, “Within the period of 10 years, I have taught over 400 artists including TVXQ, Super Junior, Sugar, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, etc and they were all bright students, especially Taeyeon.”

He continued, “While I was coaching her for 2-3 years when she was still in middle school, I knew she was different from the moment I saw the expressions in her eyes. She was very aware of the goals that she had to achieve and she kept her focus in achieving her goals.”

credit: mydaily.co.kr

<![CDATA[Girls’ Generation, the first female artist to top 3 Oricon weekly charts at the same time]]>Tue, 09 Oct 2012 05:22:05 GMThttp://soshified.weebly.com/news/girls-generation-the-first-female-artist-to-top-3-oricon-weekly-charts-at-the-same-time
Girls’ Generation topped Oricon’s Weekly Singles Chart (October 8th edition) through their 5th Japanese single ‘Oh!’ which was released on September 26th with sales of about 66,000 copies throughout the first week of its release.

Besides the single’s successful release, the ‘Girls’ Generation Complete Video Collection’ DVD and Blu-ray which were released on the same day as the 5th single also topped the weekly charts of their respective divisions with sales of 40,000 copies (DVD) and 19,000 copies (Blu-ray) respectively.

With such impressive sales volume, Girls’ Generation had successfully secured the no.1 spot on 3 different divisions, making them the second artist to have achieved such a feat after Japan’s popular group, Mr. Children. Among female artists as well as foreign artists, Girls’ Generation are the first to have topped 3 divisions at the same time.

Credit: media.daum.net

<![CDATA[Sooyoung charms with beauty and wits for ‘First Look’ magazine!]]>Fri, 21 Sep 2012 09:18:46 GMThttp://soshified.weebly.com/news/sooyoung-charms-with-beauty-and-wits-for-first-look-magazine
Sooyoung thinks of herself as an easygoing woman.

As a member of Girls’ Generation and also an actress starring in tvN’s medical drama ‘The 3rd Hospital’, Sooyoung displayed her unique charms as a refined fashionista through a set of latest pictorials revealed in ‘First Look’ magazine on September 20th.

On the cover of the magazine, Sooyoung who transformed into Song JaIn’s J-Lite muse, posed with monotone natural items just like a professional model. Hot pants and the skinny-cut pants highlighted Sooyoung’s trademark flawless and beautiful legs even more.

At an interview carried out after the pictorial shoot, Sooyoung answered questions about being a woman and a human being as a whole. Sooyoung said, “I’m a very easygoing woman. I too want to make the other person as comfortable as I feel with him. I don’t like making people feel uncomfortable. I want to be a woman that someone can lean on. I’m surprisingly feminine. I make cupcakes and bake cookies. If I were to get married, I want to cut some fruits and take them to my husband’s office. I want to be proud and become a comfortable girlfriend to be with.”

Sooyoung, who usually has a good fashion sense, also commented, “I just like comfortable fashion. Recently, my motto is ‘Back to Basic’. White t-shirt and jeans to go with a pair of sneakers looks really great. Even before debut, I love Song JaIn seonsaengnim’s clothes and so, I often went to see her collections. Particularly, this cute teddy bear mark that represents Song JaIn Seonsaengnim’s environmental-friendly mindset. Her design looks like a rider jacket or biker pants. Since the material has been washed, it’s stylish and comfortable at the same time. If I were to mix and match the clothes to be worn just like the styling for today’s photoshoot, I think it should be good enough to wear only J-Lite’s clothes throughout the week.”

More photos of Sooyoung and her full interview are available on First Look Online and First Look Mobile.

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<![CDATA[Sunny promises to buy soju for Jung HyungDon!]]>Fri, 21 Sep 2012 09:15:41 GMThttp://soshified.weebly.com/news/sunny-promises-to-buy-soju-for-jung-hyungdon
Sunny made a promise to buy soju for Jung HyungDon.

On September 19th, Jung HyungDon, the MC for cable TV MBC Everyone’s ‘Weekly Idol’, had a telephone conversation with Sunny.

Jung HyungDon said, “You said that you will treat me western liquor once you’ve settled your accounts but why haven’t you done so (buying the liquor)?”

Upon hearing that, Sunny replied, “I didn’t mention western liquor. I said soju.” Sunny continued, “Since I’ll be buying you soju, do contact me when you have time.” Jung HyungDon then jokingly replied, “Now!”.

Besides the talk on soju, Sunny added, “I’m not your personal connections for broadcast use and you only call me during broadcast”, much to the amusement of the viewers.

Netizens commented, “It’s amazing that Sunny and Jung HyungDon are close to each other”, “I’m so jealous that Sunny and Jung HyungDon are close friends”, “Sunny and Jung HyungDon are drinking friends? Wow! Awesome!”

Credit: cranberry515@YouTube + tvreport.co.kr + Helianthus 
<![CDATA[Sooyoung melts hearts with aegyo in ‘The 3rd Hospital’!]]>Fri, 21 Sep 2012 09:13:57 GMThttp://soshified.weebly.com/news/sooyoung-melts-hearts-with-aegyo-in-the-3rd-hospital
Sooyoung’s charming 3-step aegyo will surely capture the hearts of men.

In the 5th episode of cable TV channel tvN’s ‘The 3rd Hospital’, which will be aired at 11pm KST on September 19th, EuiJin (played by Sooyoung) passed her orchestra audition. To celebrate her success of the audition, she throws a surprised party and does the 3-step aegyo, ‘fireworks (sparkler) dance – leaning on shoulder – wink’ to SeungHyun (played by Oh JiHo).

In the still cuts revealed, Sooyoung was seen holding a sparkler and while doing a cute dance, she put her head on Oh JiHo’s shoulder with both eyes blinking, showing her lovely side. Immersed in the character EuiJin she played in the drama, Sooyoung flutters the hearts of samchon (uncle) fans with her cute aegyo charms.

Netizens who saw the still cuts commented, “The combination of Sooyoung’s actual look and the character EuiJin in the drama creates a perfect appearance”, “Sooyoung-ah, you’re the master of my spirit. You’re really cute”, “It seems that Oh JiHo is really nervous although he’s an experience actor”, “The expression of her eyes is awesome. By blinking her big eyes and such aegyo, she could have any of her wish fulfilled”, etc.

Don’t forget to catch Sooyoung and her irresistable aegyo on tvN’s ‘The 3rd Hospital’ at 11pm KST on September 19th!

Credit: tvreport.co.kr + isportskorea.com

<![CDATA[Taeyeon Performs ‘Closer’ on ‘Inkigayo’]]>Mon, 17 Sep 2012 06:06:48 GMThttp://soshified.weebly.com/news/taeyeon-performs-closer-on-inkigayo
On September 16th, Taeyeon appeared on SBS’s “Inkigayo” to sing “Closer”, her latest OST song. Dressed in a white and pink outfit, Taeyeon delivered a beautiful performance for an audience filled with fans waving pink balloons and for viewers watching on TV.

“Closer” is one of several OST songs for “To The Beautiful You”, a drama currently airing Wednesdays and Thursdays on SBS.

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<![CDATA[SNSD OH! Japanese MV]]>Fri, 14 Sep 2012 13:42:48 GMThttp://soshified.weebly.com/news/snsd-oh-japanese-mv
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<![CDATA[Girls’ Generation to Perform at the 2012 Gangnam Festival]]>Wed, 12 Sep 2012 16:45:49 GMThttp://soshified.weebly.com/news/girls-generation-to-perform-at-the-2012-gangnam-festival
Girls’ Generation will be performing at the 2012 Gangam Festival, which will be held at Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The festival will take place on October 2nd through October 7th.

The festival will hold a series of events, including the 10th International Peace Marathon on the 3rd, the Gangnam Fashion Festival that runs from the 4th to the 6th, and a Korean Wave Festival which will feature a K-Pop concert on the final day, October 7th. The Gangnam Festival will also include a Gangnam Grand Sale which offers discounted shopping during the five-day event.

The concert will be held in front of the COEX mall at 7pm. Girls’ Generation will be performing alongside fellow label mate Super Junior as well as other Korean artists.

Thanks to Fredrik Johnsson for sending in the tip.

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